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VA - Elles

Published November 15, 2013

The third compilation from Sillage Intemporel :
"Elles" (Women in Experimental Music).

Artists :

2Kutup (Turkey)
Ars Sonor (Sweden)
B.C. (UK)
Body 13 (New Zealand)
Canned Fit (Austria)
Caro C (UK)
Dino (Germany)
Elizabeth Veldon (UK)
Furchick (Australia)
Golden Diskó Ship (Germany)
iambe (Australia)
Jasmine Guffond (Germany)
Jelena Glazova (Latvia)
Jude Cowan Montague (UK)
Judith Juillerat (France)
Kathy Alberici (Germany)
Kinga Toth (Hungary)
Marija - Third I (Serbia)
Méryll Ampe (France)
Poison Cabinet (UK)
Public Domain (UK)
Shiri Malckin (Israel)
Sonae (Germany)
Xxena (Italy)

- All informations about Tracks and Artists are on the Word document.

Available @ FMA (Free Music Archive) :

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Uploaded by
Murmure Intemporel (ex-Sillage Intemporel)
on 11/14/2013